Flexible pricing tailored to your business needs

Every business has its own specific focus areas and requirements. To make sure we can meet your department's needs, we tailor a price adjusted to your number of inquiries, so you only pay for what you use.
Insights and Automation
Insights and Automation is included in the base price and makes it easier to get to know your customers even better.

With access to key topics, the ability to ask AI, and dynamic overviews with summaries and dashboards, you can easily see spikes in requests, track progress, and automate tedious tasks.
AI Assistant
AI Assistant automatically collects the most commonly asked questions and pairs them with the most effective answers in knowledge articles. Based on your inquiries, the AI Assistant will continuously suggest topics for new articles and improve the search functionality in existing ones.
Artificial Agents
Artificial Agents can be added to Capturi, and you only pay for the amount of successfully solved questions.

Artificial Agents handle simple requests and free up valuable time that you can spend elsewhere. In instances where an Artificial Agent cannot answer a question, it will intelligently transfer the customer to the correct phone queue or to an agent with expert knowledge in the relevant area.

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Results that speak for themselves

More than 200 brands use Capturi's conversational AI to create measurable results that help their teams improve customer experiences, conversation quality, dialogues, and customer retention. 

Read more about the results Scandinavian customer centers have created using Capturi.



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